Elevate your Hydration with

Keto Friendly

Exuberance GO electrolyte energy drink mix

Unleash the Power of Green Tea, Ginger, Electrolytes & Bioavailable Vitamins in every sip!




No Artificial Colors

FDA Registered Facility

What is in Exuberance?

  • NGreen Tea
  • NGinger
  • NMethylated (Bioavailable) B Vitamins
  • NVitamin C
  • NElectrolytes

The Highest Quality


Green Tea

A natural form of caffeine for physical and mental energy, plus cardiovascular support.

Vitamin C

A natural antioxidant that provides immune support.


A natural antioxidant that helps with nausea, and promotes healthy brain function.

B Vitamins

A trifecta of bioavailable B vitamins for healthy cell growth, nerve function, and brain development.


Molecules with an electrical charge that regulate nerve & muscle function, hydrate the mind & body and help rebuild damaged tissues.

Take on the day with a refreshing mix of caffeine and eletrolytes.

1 Serving of Exuberance contains the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee.